Monday, January 18, 2010

Open Wide

My two older kids went to the dentist for the first time (yes I know Parker is 4 and is a little old for it to be the first time) Parker did awesome. He was so excited to sit in the chair, have the assistant clean his teeth and take x rays of them, and have the dentist check and count them. Unfortunately he doesn't know that he has a cavity :( As for Ashlyn, she had to wait for Parker to go first to then know it was ok to do it herself. We were only able to look at her teeth and clean a few bottom teeth before she was done. Overall... they both loved it and want to go back. The best for them was when they were able to get a surprise from the surprise box.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

So its been a while...

I know its not like me to go TWO months without posting a blog... but Ive been busy with the kids, sick with the swine flu, having my parents here for the holiday (Thanksgiving) Parker's 4th b-day, Christmas w/ my in laws (Wyoming) and then celebrating the New Year with friends. No busier than anyone else! It was awesome to have my parents here for Thanksgiving, the kids just loved spending quality time with them. A week later Parker turned 4. We had a Spider-man birthday party for him and his friends. He loved every moment of it! Then I got sick... AWFUL... in bed straight for 5 days. Mike had to step in and be Mr. Mom. He took work off and did a wonderful job w/ the kids (who were also sick) not as bad as me. About 4 days after we were all better... we headed to Mikes grandmas for Christmas. It was a wonderful time spending it with loved ones. How grateful I am that we have our Savior and that we have the opportunity to celebrate His birth and His life. The only bad thing about Christmas was that my camera of course acted up on Christmas Eve and wouldn't work at all until the day before we left to come home. So my pics of the kids on Christmas morning are slim and were taken on Mike camera phone. Here are a few pics from the past 2 months: