Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stay off the sidewalks....

Here is Parker and his new little toy we got. (I love craigslist- a whole whopping 10 dollars.)He LOVES his new bike and isnt afraid to go fast. I am more worried and scared than he his.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its a bird, Its a Plane, NO Its Parker in a Plane.....

My neighbors sister works at a small airport so we took our kids there and they were able to look at the airplanes, sit in them, and watch them take off and land. His favorite part was being able to sit inside the aircraft and pretend to be the pilot. On the way home he kept saying "mom this is awesome. I want to do this again."

Friday, April 17, 2009

A House means a new Dog ???

Besides getting a home we also got a dog...so here are a few pics of the inside of the home (decorated) and of our dog, Roxie. She was already named, so we just kept the name. She is a 4 month old Boxer. And so far is a good dog. The kids love her, although it took a little while (few hours) for both kids to adjust to a puppy jumping all over them.
The house is coming along. I wish we had more money to fix up thing the way I want- Yard- trees, flowers, plants, etc.; to plant a gardern, more decor for the outside and inside of the home; and just the little things in the house... you know. I know it will come in time, but I want it all NOW. I only took a few of the main floor- so kids' rooms will come at another time- (they are asleep so i do not dare walk foot into their rooms to take a picture.)