Monday, August 15, 2011

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally Snow!!!

We finally have snow! Its just a few days before Christmas and this is our first "good winter storm". We woke up to about a foot of it. Some good friends (Bryan and the boys) from Texas are here in Utah visiting and I was able to watch the boys so Bryan could go snowboarding. My kids loved playing with Logan and Jeremy... they played in the snow for almost 2 hours, built a snowman, made cookies...and have been playing together all day long!!! I wish we lived closer to our good friends so our kids can be closer together and also because I miss them soooo much.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tough Love...

On Wed. night we told the kids if they go to bed good and stay in bed that we would take them to Trafalga (mini golf, bumper boats, rock climbing, race car driving, roller coaster ride, arcade, and more)-a place made for kids.... (I know its very sad that we are bribing our kids- but it sometimes take a good hour to get them to fall asleep)so they actually went to bed good...until 12:30am...Ashlyn woke up, came down stairs and wanted to sleep in my bed. Somewhere after I went to bed and Ashlyn coming down stairs Parker tip toed into our room and weaseled himself into my bed without me knowing it! So Mike told both kids to go back to bed. Parker was awesome and went without a problem...Ashlyn on the other hand cried. and cried and then screamed. the crying and screaming got louder and louder. After about and hour and 1/2 we brought Parker downstairs and told him to lay on the couch and if he were to get off the couch 1 time he would not go to trafalga. Mike locked Ashlyns door to keep her from coming downstairs and into our room, thinking she will get tired enough from crying and go back to her bed. Wrong! Thats when the start of louder screaming, louder crying, and kicking the door started. Mike told me to try to ignore it- after 30 more minutes of this-Mike went upstairs and got her to stop and we finally were able to fall back asleep around 2:30am. YES Im talking a 2 hour tantrum that went on!
So that morning (thursday) we woke up, tired of course, and told the kids they were not going to Trafalga. We ended up going....only because Hayden slept the whole night with out a peep. So Parker and Ashlyn stood and watched the whole time we were there. Although Hayden was way too young to fully enjoy the activities that take place there, we had to do it to show the other 2 kids what they were missing out on. Surprisingly they didnt complain at all or throw a fit about not being able to do anything. When it came time for bed last night we once again told the kids...go to bed good, stay in bed until the sun comes up and we go to Trafalga tomorrow.
The next day (this morning) we woke up to an empty bed (no kids) and we actually had a good night sleep! And they did NOT get out of bed at all when we put them down last night. Maybe this "tough love" will actually work (for now)!
*** hayden went on the bumper boats, the roller coaster ride, and the swing thingy. he did have fun! But i know the older kids would love it so much more than hayden did***

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First day of Preschool

Parker had mixed emotions about starting preschool today. He couldnt wait to get dressed and wear his new backpack but then kept saying things like "Im shy. How am I going to make friends. Mom dont leave me." But as we were driving to his school we talked about how to not be shy, how to make friends and that I would stay for a few minutes until he was comfortable... we got there and he kept right to my side. Every time I said I was leaving he would tell me he wanted to hug me (I swear I got at least 20 hugs/kisses - which Im not complaining.. it was rather cute!) About 5-10 minutes later he warmed up and I then left. After school was over, I picked him up and on the way home he told me how much he loves school and all about his day. I knew he would love it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dinosaur Museum

I went with the kids and some neighbor friends to the Dinosaur Museum today. My kids loved it. Tons of dinosaurs to look at, on hands looking for fossils in the sand, and great company! On the way home Ashlyn kept asking why we were leaving...we will have to go again!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Company in town....

Mikes mom and grandma came to visit us for a few days. Grandma Carm and Great Grandma Bev took Ashlyn on a special "date" to McDonalds for lunch, then Grandma took Parker to the movies for his special date. They absolutely were so excited for their "dates". While they were here, Mike, Parker, and Carm got into a big water fight. We BBQ a lot, hung out, went garage sale hunting, and enjoyed each others company.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cabin Fever (a lot of pictures...)

My neighbors have a cabin in Cedar City area, so we were invited to spend the weekend with them. We didnt know what to expect- but it was beyond our expectations.... this place wasnt a typical cabin I think of- in the mountains, older-- not used very often so there are cobwebs and spiders all over, dusty and so small where were all sharing one room..--- it was a large, new, clean, log cabin that had: a waterfall, clear pond for fishing and canoeing, a play ground, a area to golf (putty green). It was so beautiful. so quite and relaxing. We LOVED it there and wish we could have stayed a lot longer than just one day/night. We also went to Zions National Park for our first time. We hiked and the kids did awesome, it was again so beautiful. We had a great time and hope to do it all again very soon (hint hint Betsy :) haha)