Friday, June 26, 2009

Pictures of the kiddos..

A few weeks ago I took pictures of the kids and its hard to get 2 kids to sit, pose, smile, listen and get the "perfect" shot by your self.... but i think in the 10-15 minute attention span that they had there were some that I thought were cute and turned out well. I didnt want to post them earlier because Mike got them as a partial gift for fathers day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

in-n-out of the hospital...

Im not having the joys of being pregnant w/ this pregnancy. Ive been blessed cause my life can be much worse or difficult, so i shouldnt complain.... but I am!!! I am only 34 weeks and i went into the hospital to get checked out for "prelabor" directed from my doctor. 2 days ago i had contractions ALL day about every 4-6 minutes apart. I called labor and delivery Sunday afternoon and they told me to drink lots of fluids and take a bath. It seemed to help a little so i choose not to go in. Monday was fine... Today (tuesday) I contracted a little but then i got a bad stomach pain in my tummy. After a few hours of the pain-not going away at all- i called my doctor to see if he wanted to see me. he said go straight to the labor and delivery. so i did...after getting checked and sitting in there for 3 hours + the results are that it seems that I have a kidney stone. :( and that means it can cause the contractions to get worse. about the Baby coming... i look to be OK in that department-so far! thank goodness because 1: im not ready, mentally or physically 2: because it is way too early- the baby needs to continue to grow, develop, and be fully healthy. and 3: if i were to have the baby soon... my mom is going to be out of town and wouldnt be here w/ me and i would need here w/ me :) (Selfish me i know) Like i said it could be TONS worse. I just pray that I will be able to survive the next 6 weeks w/ all the tummy pains plus the uncomfortableness of being prego. I know im a complainer! sorry!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Talk about a fun week...

We had the opportunity to have Mikes parents come for the week. The kids LOVED their grandpa and grandma and wanted to know where they were at all times. Ashlyn always took them books so she could be read too, and Parker wanted to do anything and everything with them. We first went to Great Grandma Pats for dinner and then came back to our place.

Bless Jims heart (Mikes Dad) he spent most of his so called vacation working/fixing things on our house. He did such a great job, never complained about doing it and got more than I expected. He refurbished a picnic table, fixed our steps to go outside, fixed our kitchen faucet, our many sprinkler heads and system, fixed a leak that was in our laundry room. He told us other things that we needed to do and how to do them. So while he was doing "work" grandma and I and the kids shopped, ate, played, and had fun.

Here are just a few pics of the week. We went to a pro soccer game their last night (grandma stayed home w/ the kids so Mike and I could go) and it was a blast. David Archeleta performed afterwards. Overall it was a great week. The kids were sad to say their goodbyes.