Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nana and Papa visit us

My parents came to visit my sister, brother, and I. (and of course their grandkids) They were here for a week and it was so nice to have them. We spent time w/ my dads father who is 104 years old and will be 105 in December! We saw other relatives and visited with them. We went to Thanksgiving Point where they had a petting zoo. The kids LOVED to feed the animals and more so ride on the horse. Ashlyn was in awe and just watched the animals. Its nice living close by where my parents could visit.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trip to California

We took a trip to California last week. We went to Southern CA. We stayed at both of my brothers house and had a blast. We got there on a Friday... that night my brothers and their boys, Mike and Parker went to a dodgers baseball game. I stayed with Ashlyn w/ my sister-in-law (Jen). The Sat. my nephew Cooper turned 7 so we went to his B-day party. Parker loved the swimming slide thingy they had and got to hit a pinata for the first time. That night we went to my other brothers (Mike) place. My kids were entertained the whole time. It was nice to have a break from holding Ashlyn or worring about what Parker was getting into because his cousins (the oldest is 12) took care of that for me. :) Mike (my brother) and his family went beach camping so we tagged along. (We hung out at the camp ground during the day and went back to their place at night so the kids could sleep the whole night long) they only lived about 20 minutes from the beach- so we had the best of both worlds. The kids LOVED the ocean. We saw 2 small octopus, crabs, sea slug, and also a small star fish. The ocean tide was so low that the water was far back and that was when kids were searching for all the different sea creatures. I also had a good friend of mine- Jessica take family pics of us at the beach. We were able to spend the day at the beach and let our kids play together. We had a blast. We left on Tuesday and stayed the night in Vegas. We were able to see 2 of Mikes friends- Nick and his wife and then Cameron, Tara and their 2 cute kids. I didnt think that trip was long enough! We came home on Wednesday and my parents came into town the same day, so we have had a busy week- I havent unpacked my suitcase yet because we are gone ALL day long and dont get home until its night and I am so tired that I say- Ill do it tomorrow, everyday for the past 4 days is Ill do it tomorrow... TODAY is the day for that :) .... Ill post pictures of them when they leave tomorrow-